1. Carolina

From the recording Something From Nothing

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Produced, Engineered, Recorded, Words and Music by Chris Williams and Steve Varney. Mastered by Steve Varney.


Your salt on my skin
Sun-bleached hair in your wind
A fire, the only light under the stars
You come crashing in
Timpani under violins
Drowning out the whispers in my head

She pulls like the tide
Ebbing out till abide
Then, lays me softly down
Sweet Carolina

Paris in the blue
Smokie greys in the hues
Of greens they surrender to her fall

Statues of stones
Reach for the clouds to atone
Lifts me up Higher than my faults
She never leaves my mind
Untamed in all her wild
Calls to me my sweet Carolina

Long and winding
Her feet in the sand
Head on the clouds
Red Clay in her hands
Mountains for castles
Foothills and chapels
She buries her gold on a silver lake
Stretches her arms
Lays her body towards the shore
And, sings to me of sweet Carolina
Sings to me of sweet Carolina