1. Empty Spaces

From the recording Empty Spaces

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Music and lyrics by Chris Williams
All music recorded by Chris Williams
Album art by Chris Williams
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Williams


Empty Spaces

Shadows waltz with the flames wild but tethered
Music rides on the breeze swirling together
Faces warm like the burn
Of the courage that drowns the yearns
Of the curious notions of things better left undone

Carnival horses with eyes wild and feral
Tied to the past on a post frozen in peril
Spinning together so close
Lost in the grace of the notes
Rising and falling in chase of a space too far

Heaviness hangs like a fog of unspoken burdens
And I'm just weak enough to be this damn certain
The thoughts we keep know the truth
Of the glances that we excuse
Stolen like lingering stories that we never share

It's alright, It's alright
Stuck on the edges of empty spaces

It's alright, it's alright
Stuck on the edges of empty spaces