1. She Is

From the recording The Farewell Tour

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Musicians: Chris Williams
Engineering: Chris Williams
Music and Lyrics: Chris Williams
Album Art: Chris Williams


She Is

She is more than what you see
She is a mother, daughter and a lover
A friend when you need her the most

She is more than what you need
More than a feeling you get when you miss her
She's more then your comfort, convenience and suffer
She's more than a feeling when you touch her

She is more than history
Will ever teach you, live up to or be true
No, that won't tell it all
She's been queens and warrior, iconoclasts, historians,
Caste breakers, world shakers
And, birth to all

Shes begged for your mercy
Been strong when you couldn't see
Gave strength when you felt unworthy

Shes protested ignorance, shouted down indifference
Won't wait for your deliverance
Quietly anymore