1. She Grows

From the recording To Be Determined

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Musicians: Chris Williams
Engineering: Chris Williams
Music and Lyrics: Chris Williams
Album Artwork: Scott Johnson and Chris Williams


Young and bright like a new star light
With hopes of shining to make things right
But, that never happens, it rarely does
And all those dark places cast shadows because of you
And, she grows and she grows
And she becomes all that you chose
And like a mirror you see yourself
And all the doors that you closed

But she saw it to and she could not explain
Why being like you caused so much pain
She saw you hate what you could not change
And she became what you remained

And she grows, and she grow
And she pulls away, and she hits her lows
And, they're deeper than the ones you know
So you close your eyes and you let her go

The shines right over
She sees a hand where she was reaching
And, he helps her stop all the bleeding
And, she finally finds that dusty old line where hope and the past first met

And she grows, and she grows
And she's not afraid of what she knows