From the recording To Be Determined

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Musicians: Chris Williams
Engineering: Chris Williams
Music and Lyrics: Chris Williams
Album Artwork: Scott Johnson and Chris Williams


Bridge to Nowhere

You and me we've come so far
Same sky, same stars
World turns, minutes burn
Some try and some learn
Some fall to their knees
Some have all the keys
But, there are no guarantees

All we really know is we come and go
From where we can only guess
Where to we just try our best
To understand what we've been told
Or imagine something bold
Cause nothing don't sound that grand

We just keep on going
Chasing a star that keeps glowing
Hoping for day, feeling our way
Looking for something real

Chemicals and memories, the power hungry and prophecies
Tell us what to believe
from stories that they conceive
And, somewhere long behind
Someone took it hook and line
And, sold it as genuine

But, nothing fits and nothing feels
Truer than what heart reveals
In a world where time can steal
Break you spirit, take your will
and, it may be just a feeling
Wrapped inside to keep us being
But, love sure feels right by me

We just keep on going
Chasing a love that's worth knowing
Simple and true, one just for you
Self-less and pure, all that and more
It's just waiting for you to see

And, no I could not tell you would not tell you lies
We've had far too much of that in our lives
When we needed more, more to fill our wanting soul
Hope for something higher than the past still holds