From the recording To Be Determined

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Musicians: Chris Williams
Engineered by: Chris Williams
Music and Lyrics: Chris Williams
Album Artwork: Scott Johnson and Chris Williams


Sparrow's at my window singing a song
Pecking at the glass ushering the dawn
Rays through the blinds between the space I hide
Her melody calls like a siren's song
Singing come with me, come with me
All my life I've pondered the good and the bad
One they say's a gift and the other's born of sad
But, the lesser seems the victim when the former's bailed and gone
Is there hope in salvation is there strength in a song about
Holding on, holding on
Life is so brief and there's so much to lose
Holding on to love like there's nothing else to lose
But, love never took two and it's bound to love alone
Heavy is the burden resting underneath the stone like a
Hardened heart, a hardened heart
If I could weigh the truth or a measurement of faith
Believing all the numbers from the unexplained
I'd yell it from the mountainside
I'd scream it from afar
But, truth is like an open wound that never really scares, it just
Fades away like a desert lake
There are no real answers
Nothing carved into stone
And, all we're left to ponder
Are the parts of the unknown
But, never really knowing is a beauty all it's own
Living for the moment with no stories to atone
Feels like freedom
Feels like hope
Looks like salvation
Feels like all I know